Electrochemical Research Group, TU München

The consortium coordinator Dr. Oliver Schneider hat more than 25 years of experience in electrochemistry. He is head of an electrochemical research group located at the Institute of Informatics VI (Prof. Alois Knoll) and the Chemistry Department. The group has expertise on electrodeposition of metal layers and nanoparticles, conducting polymers, corrosion, and electrochemical energy conversion and storage. Methods used comprise the EQCM [1-3], sonoelectrochemistry [2, 4-7], scanning probe microscopy techniques [3, 8, 9] and various electrochemical techniques. Earlier work related to the targets of GALACTIF are methodological: The corrosion of metallic layers was followed by microscopic techniques [10, 11], impedance spectroscopy [12, 13] and EQCM [14]. The deposition of poly-p-phenylene in ionic liquids was studied in collaboration with F. Endres and A. Bund via EQCM [1]. Especially the application of EQCM in presence of ultrasound for sonoelectrochemical applications has been established in earlier work [2, 4-7]. The formation of metal nanoparticles on model substrates was investigated via scanning probe techniques [15-17]. Finally, ionic liquids were also applied in battery research and electrocatalysis [18, 19].


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