Chair of Materials and Surface Engineering, TU Chemnitz

The Institute of Materials Science and Engineering (IWW)

The chairs of materials and surface engineering, composite materials and materials science form together the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering (IWW) of the mechanical engineering faculty at TU Chemnitz. Currently about 70 scientific and 25 technical employees are working in the institute. The IWW is strongly participating in major research projects of TU Chemnitz.
At the IWW the main expertise lies in the following research and teaching fields:
•    coating technology (thermal spraying, electrochemical and chemical processes, conversion layers, chemical and physical gas phase deposition)
•    composite technology (especially metal and ceramic based composites as well as metal-polymer-hybride laminates)
•    ultra-fine grained materials by severe plastic deformation (especially ECAP)
•    joining technology via soldering
•    Mechanical Material testing (quasi-static, highly dynamic, complex stress states and deformation pathways)
•    Wear and corrosion research
•    Modeling and simulation of material properties
•    fatigue of metallic materials
•    microstructure and failure analysis
Teaching in Materials Science, Material and surface technology as well as vehicle production represents an important aspect of the institute's tasks.  Services as well as research and development activities regarding material development, coating technology, joining technology, and wear, corrosion and material characterisation are offered, and also technological/scientific consulting, training courses and seminars.


The professorship of Materials and Surface Engineering is nationally and internationally renowned in Research and Teaching.  The working areas are coating technology (chemical, electrochemical processes, thermal spraying), wear and corrosion research, model building and simulation of coating processes and material properties, of metallic materials fatigue, and microstructural analysis. The offered courses are integrated into the TU Chemnitz bachelor and master programs in mechanical engineering, automotive production and technology, sports engineering, medical engineering and merge technologies for resource efficiency. The professorship offers services, R&D work, technical scientific consulting, training courses and seminars. Especially the advanced training course "Electrochemical layers" (ELCH) and the participation in organizing the "Werkstofftechnischen Kolloquium" (WTK) must be named.

Main research areas are new and improved coating and edge layer processes, the experimental analysis of materials and surfaces, high resolution structural and microstructure characterisation and simulation-based design of material processing for optimized material properties.

Currently 29 scientists and 11 technical/administrative coworkers

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